Think a Business Can Be Run Off Smarts? Why This May Not Be True

Brains aren’t the only key to success! "12 G" was the designation of my grade 12 class; which essentially meant I had an IQ barely one point above a plant!

However I just recently learned there might be hope for me after hearing these profound words from the CEO of a major corporation: “Let’s face it, the world is crawling with geniuses!”

This idiotic statement (whose identity shall remain undisclosed) not only inspired me as to my own possibilities, but reminded me there are certain human attributes which are at least equal or may well transcend the importance of one’s intelligence. Things like attitude, work ethic, integrity, empathy, loyalty and perseverance deserve equal status to a someone’s brain power.

While, I am dubious as to how many “12 G’s” Falkbuilt can endure, and we will always welcome real genius, but this boneheaded statement should remind us that it takes much more than brains to build a successful organization.


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