The Falk Nest - 46 working hrs in

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Look what five smart, strong guys can do in fewer than 46 working hours.

Our beautiful Falk Nest—all 7,600 square feet of it—has risen in the centre of our factory. In another eight hours the entire super structure will be complete—that’s 6,400 sq. ft. plus a 1,200 sq. ft. balcony—and all of it taking up a fraction of the space in our 90,000 sq. ft. factory.

This incredible piece of architecture is truly a testimony to the compelling power of Digital Component Construction.

5 hours in

It was designed and engineered in Calgary, fabricated in Switzerland and delivered in seven weeks. The total cost for digitally engineered components (37,000 board feet, fabrication and installation) was less than $225,000 CDN, or $31 per sq. ft. That includes all the pre-brushed digital components, finishing, Lignatur acoustic and structural ceiling panels. The design and engineering was another $40,000 CDN.

14 hours in

And now we’ll get started working on the interior space of the Falk Nest. It will include a gorgeous water feature and a wine cellar, of course. We Falkers have learned a lot since we came up with the original design and we will be folding in all our incredible innovations into our intimate and impressive environment. And as much as we want to hurry up and finish our Falk Nest, we likely won’t be moving in until the end of the year. That’s because we always put our clients, and their projects, first.

22 hours in

Over the coming months, we are looking forward to welcoming many clients and others curious to experience the Falk Nest. We are creating an unbelievably inspirational environment where the people who run the machinery and raise the beams work in the same space as the designers, engineers and the people who manage and support the process. We are showing the world Digital Component Construction is the ultimate solution for the way we build.

Nevertheless, next week will see the installation of the Lignatur acoustic ceiling panels followed in the coming weeks by a truly unique approach for getting to our second floor!

46 hours in

And if you're wondering about the tree at the top; it's tradition in European culture to have a topping-out ceremony associated with the rising of the structures highest beam. It's a sign that a construction project has reached its literal apogee, its most auspicious point. Today was that day!


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