Overwhelming Support

We have just completed our “Friends and Family” round of financing for Falkbuilt Ltd. Although I’ve personally been part of the money raising process many times before, I’m always left with the same feelings upon conclusion of each of these events. Unlike the bankers, brokers etc. whose greatest priority is getting the deal done (good or bad) and getting their fees, we have an honor-bound responsibility to not only protect the shareholders’ investment but to do everything in our power to maximize the return. In this instance we’ve asked everyone to invest in an idea and a vision, which is far from reality; yet the response has been absolutely overwhelming. As insiders, we are absolutely confident in our approach: the vision and strategy are 100 percent clear, but 90 percent of the real work is ahead of us. Things like product solutions, factory implementation, process and technology development etc. are far from final at this point. Of course, our greatest focus is building the strongest team of people in the industry. That’s exactly why you invested in us! You have trusted us to overcome any and all challenges and for that we are truly grateful. There is some very solid evidence that should give everyone some additional comfort and assurances as to the security of your investment. The strongest testimony for any business is how much the company’s people truly believe in the vision. On that note, it is truly rewarding to see just how many of our Team members invested their personal funds in this financing; they must know something! Thanks again for your loyalty, commitment, belief in our vision and joining us on this exciting ride. Not only are we motivated by your support but you have given us even more credibility throughout the entire business community! You will be receiving monthly updates with the good, the bad and the ugly. We welcome everyone of you, regardless of the size of your investment, to visit us or call me directly for any reason whatsoever. With Sincere Gratitude, Mogens Falk Smed


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