One Year Anniversary: Say Hello To "Falk Built Technologies"

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Well, 2018 was an interesting year; after all how many people can say they were fired twice in less than twelve months?! Although I was fired as CEO in December, 2017, it was just Step One in the plan for my removal so the board could get on with their ultimate plan for taking DIRTT in a direction with which they were more comfortable. The good news is, I’ve gone from being a potted plant with no real purpose, onto absolutely the most exciting opportunity of my life. Instead of fighting, once again I get to be part of a creative process and vision that will ultimately take us to a higher place than I could ever have imagined. I do miss my dear friends at DIRTT and wish them the very best; especially since they were such an important part of my life. I will always celebrate our accomplishments, while taking many of the valuable lessons learned onto our next experience. The one lesson that mattered most was the nurturing of a deep and organic, company-wide culture. The driving force behind all of DIRTT’s success was an incredible team of people supported by a powerful culture. We were a close knit family who challenged and inspired each other. The end result was a truly viable alternative to the destructive and inefficient process of conventional construction. At Falk, our primary focus will be building a Team of people who really want to be part of a family culture, where everyone will have a say in every aspect of the business; of course there will be moments of conflict and disagreement, which are the hallmark of any real family! There will be strict process control, but no managers, only doers! We will aggressively resist any attempts at individual fiefdoms or silos which at very least diminish the opportunity or at worst, lead to the ultimate destruction of the business. Falk now has a Calgary manufacturing location that will be outfitted in the months to come with leasehold improvements and state-of-the-art equipment. We are also well on our way to establishing innovative and unique solution platforms along with a completely different go-to-market strategy. However, no matter what solutions and strategies we develop, the ultimate goal will still be building a family of people and powerful culture, which are the only guarantee to our success. FALK WILL CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE REVENUES AND PROFITS ARE NOT ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH A MOTIVATED AND HAPPY FAMILY OF PEOPLE; IN FACT THEY ARE THE ONLY REASON!


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