Introducing The Falk Nest

At Falkbuilt, we are ONE BIG TEAM.

We all know what’s going on!


Our Calgary people—factory, office, leadership and newbies—all work in the same space. We eat lunch together, we pee together in the same washrooms and very soon we will all work together in our beautiful white factory.

The FalkNest, going up in the centre of the space, erases any disconnect between Falkers. When we move in later this summer, every one of us will experience every aspect of our business—from meeting clients, building revolutionary software and manufacturing components, all to deliver the world’s first Digital Component Construction solutions.

In this world of corporate and conventional thinking, it’s amazing to see the incredible disconnect between leadership in a business and the rest of the organization. In most cases this quest for corporate structure and hierarchy creates a grossly inefficient environment where the so called strategic minds in the organization have absolutely no grasp on the pulse of their business, much less where the real challenges lie. These folks have absolutely no real credibility with their clientele as well as other key relationships or the rank and file within their own organization. Of course, any thought of an inspired and truly motivated culture is pure fantasy!

At Falk, we’ve chosen to eschew all of these behaviors by creating an environment that not only encourages but forces everyone in the organization to understand the business from cradle to grave. Instead of spending millions of dollars creating ivory towers in isolation, everyone in Falk’s leadership, administration, engineering, solution design, marketing, and technology integration etc. will be located right in the middle of the factory. In fact, through an inspired architectural and design approach our entire client experience will be conducted in the same location. The FalkNest will celebrate our commitment to design and architecture, sustainability, technology and acoustic performance unlike anything the manufacturing or construction world has ever seen.

The FalkNest will serve as the icon for Falk’s commitment to a powerful culture not only knowledgeable but totally committed to the very best client experience in the industry.


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