Farewell Sandra!

It’s times like these when every business needs to be reminded the only real asset you have is the people you work with. Only a fool (there are certainly some out there) wouldn’t recognize the only hope for overcoming any business challenge lies completely with the loyalty and support of an engaged team of people! During my career, I have been blessed to have worked with some incredible people; they will never know how much they have inspired me with their talent, dedication and a can-do attitude. Sandra Staerk is one of those amazing people and I will always owe her a debt of gratitude for everything she has done for us!

On our most recent adventure together at Falk, Sandra--knowing full well the daunting challenge and forsaking the safety of a guaranteed paycheck--was one of the vey first to join our adventure. To have someone like Sandra with us gave me the confidence that maybe this whole thing could work! And let’s not forget, this wasn’t the first time she risked it all for us.

She did it 14 years ago at DIRTT too. Sadly, for Falk, Sandra is leaving our company and starting on a new adventure back at DIRTT. I truly hope she can bring the same type of spirit and leadership to the DIRTT culture that we’ve always enjoyed with her at Falk! Most importantly, I hope her new role will bring Sandra the happiness and balance in her life she so richly deserves. Sandra, I owe you so much and you will truly be missed! Always know you will be welcome in our business and homes but most importantly how much I value our love and friendship.

P.S. I won’t miss having you catch bigger fish than me!!


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