Update: Falknest & Echo Dome Structure!

The incredible power of Digital Component Construction is in full view in the middle of our factory in southeast Calgary with two beautiful timber structures. Both the Falknest and the Echo Dome structure were designed and engineered into a 3D model here in Calgary; the files were sent to Switzerland so the timber could be precision manufactured from sustainable forests and shipped back to our factory where everything fit together perfectly!

Some may say it fit together "by magic" but the reality is it was "by technology!" The timbers, glazing and extrusions were all ordered at the same time from that same 3D model which saved enormous amounts of time in the construction schedule. You could never pull this off with conventional construction; it would cost far too much.

Because of the pandemic we had to change things up a little bit. The bottom of the Falknest is now a physically-distanced lunch room for our Factory Falkers. Upstairs, we are building an entire client entertainment area, where clients can virtually walk through their space before it's built with our Echo Dome cloud-based software. Of course, we will also have a wine bar! We look forward to bringing clients to Calgary as soon as borders are open and people can travel freely again.

In the meantime we are giving hundreds of Zoom tours to clients all over the world. Very soon we will complete our "Falkville" on top of the Echo Dome structure. We will be placing Falkpods that show the details and breadth of our offering, from retail, commercial to classrooms. Come back soon to see the final Falknest and Echo Dome structure!


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