Falk: A real response to “Digital Construction”!

Falk is more of an idea and approach than a product! The world sees literally thousands of incredible new ideas every single day; sadly for whatever reason, almost none of them succeed. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s the fact nobody likes a new idea, especially if it’s a good one! By the same token there have been multiple iterations of so called Digital Construction, that have demonstrated varying degrees of success but certainly nowhere near the ultimate solution: Falk will deliver a response to Digital Construction unlike any of it’s predecessors for any and all interiors! On a far broader scale we are very confident the technology we are developing can be the software that integrates the entire construction industry into one seamless experience; this may as well be the technology platform that finally makes BIM a reality!

So far the Construction, Architectural and Design community have come to the age of Digital Construction kicking and screaming: the whole approach is so dramatically different than anything they’re used to and are either confused or afraid of this radical change. This was clearly evident as it relates to any modular approach and explains its marginal success in this 100 billion dollar opportunity. Falk is developing an approach that is nothing more than a reinterpretation of the construction industry where specifications, shop drawings, material deliveries, installation are absolutely identical to the conventional process. The difference will be our engineering, design and prefabrication which will result in efficiencies unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

One thing is for certain; there is absolutely no hope for any kind of success without an incredibly strong team of people! By giving them the tools and the opportunity they will be the driving force for taking a company well beyond anything conventional business norms could ever achieve. They will be the driving force for Falk in adopting an approach and strategy that will take Digital Construction to a whole new level:

1: A non- disruptive, disruptive approach: General contractors, architects and interior designers have never been comfortable with modular construction for several reasons. In spite of all the sustainability benefits, speed of installation and quality of materials etc., the conventional influencers were either intimidated or refused to understand the value of the approach. Furthermore the perception was modularity came at a premium thereby making it a relatively easy decision to dismiss the idea, regardless of the benefits.

2: Lexicon: The language in which we communicate, our methods for costing and pricing, drawing and shop drawing process will be absolutely identical to the construction industry lingo.

3: Technology: Initially Falk will be using many industry standard software programs but the entire process will be turbo charged with the implementation of our proprietary technology. It will totally integrate with any and all other design and engineering programs as well as any of the ERP systems.

4: Regional Factories: The initial freight savings will be extraordinary, in comparison to any modular approach, but will see even greater improvement as Falk establishes regional factories across North America and ultimately throughout the world.

5: Regional Branches: General Contractors and clients alike will be assured of the best possible pricing and service through Falk’s regional branches, that will be exclusively dedicated to the construction industry.

We recognize that some of these ideas seem counter intuitive, especially as it relates to cost and efficiency, but we are deadly confident we can deliver on these promises. If and when we do, Falk will set the standard for a truly viable interpretation of “Digital Construction”!


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