DIRTTbags: I Couldn't Have Done It Without You

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

The last 50 years of my life have been consumed by a quest for finding different and better ways to build a company. In the beginning, the only things I had going for me were the lessons I learned from watching my father’s approach to business: his values, approach to his people and how he dealt with the myriad of inevitable challenges that are the hallmark of any venture. However, the driving force for him was his love for the people and recognizing they were the greatest reason for any of his successes.

The absolute secret for any of my personal achievements can be solely attributed to the loyalty and support of the amazing people I’ve worked with over these past 5 decades and for this, I will be eternally grateful. Of course, I recognize my style has always been to challenge, not nurture, but watching you respond and rise to the occasion is a testimony to the meaningfulness of all your personal contributions. I am extremely grateful for your achievements and you should be very proud of your own accomplishments.

On the issue of me being fired, please don’t despair; sometimes your greatest strengths can be your greatest weaknesses! The most painful part of this whole affair was being kicked out of our father’s building, of almost 50 years, and then not being able to deliver this message face to face to the folks who have been such a meaningful part of my life. However, I am the happiest I’ve been in sixteen months and truly feel guilty not working shoulder to shoulder with all of you in responding to the day to day challenges. Which are the hallmark of any business. Let’s not forget we created an idea and committed to a vision which never existed before.

Our contrarian view of seeing something the rest of the world could not, made most of the conventional thinkers very uncomfortable. This was particularly true as it relates to the incredible culture, the way we ran the company, and our perpetual commitment to investment in innovation (in all aspects of the business) for the future.

Candidly, as proven by our first, second and third quarter results of 2018, we were just on the verge of success, but the board lost patience with our approach (in fairness they were getting pressure from some of our shareholders and wanted a more conventional approach to run the business).

Conventional is not a word I’ve ever been associated with, and they made the decision in which they were comfortable. I was totally aware of the possible implications of my approach, but will always place loyalty, integrity, my fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders, and well-being of the company above all else. With the greatest of sincerity, I hope the board is right, and I was wrong. As nothing would pain me more than seeing the failure of this great company!

I am leaving this company with my head held high, and with full knowledge that DIRTT is not, nor ever was a one man show. Never have I seen so many talented, hardworking and dedicated individuals make such meaningful contributions for a common cause. How else can you explain the incredible achievements we are predicting for fiscal 2018? These results are a direct result of a team of people staying fully committed to the vision. No one can deny our incredible accomplishments to date. What’s truly exciting; given the right approach, the best is still ahead of us!

I’ve left the company with full confidence in it's future. There is no doubt DIRTT has absolutely the most powerful software and solution package the construction world has ever seen. One of the main driving forces have been a loyal and dedicated Regional Partner Network, supported by an incredible team of Dirttbags. Who were empowered to make the necessary decisions to ensure absolutely the best client service. However, the real secret sauce was a genuine respect for our employees, as well as the way we ran the business and supported our culture! The template is already there, and as long as the new management emulates our approach, you are guaranteed success.

I am adamant that any company that does not demonstrate absolute commitment to it’s people and culture is guaranteed to fail! Everyone can rest assured of my personal commitment to helping DIRTT succeed in any and every way I can. I’ve had many interactions with our DIRTT clients, and not once have I failed to endorse, and remind them of their wisdom in selecting DIRTT as the ultimate solution. Remember this was my idea, and do not want anything in my legacy that shows I participated in something to the detriment of my friends and family. Never forget, DIRTT is the “Brand” for Sustainable Construction! Where thousands have failed, for the first time ever, we have proven the incredible viability of our approach. DIRTT has everything it needs for success: a loyal and capable Partner Distribution Network, the most comprehensive product solution the interior construction world has ever seen. Not to mention a fully developed technology platform, and most importantly an incredible team of people who have been and always will be the foundation for our success.

In closing, I want you all to know how much I love you, and how much I’ve enjoyed this journey together with you. You’ve made me so proud and happy, while inspiring me in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, my family and everyone associated with our various business endeavors. Most importantly, thank you for your loyalty, support and genuine friendship.

Sincerely, Mogens 


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