DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Defying Conventional Thinking, From a vision to reality

2018 Financial Results:

Congratulations to Team DIRTT and thank you for a spectacular 2018. When we started this thing 14 years ago, all we had was a vision and the resolve to execute on a whole new idea! The MBA’s of the world constantly reminded us of why it couldn’t be done: Manufacturing is dead in North America, “Green Construction” costs more money than conventional construction and you can’t manufacture in Calgary, Alberta (too far away from the markets). Absolutely the most compelling argument against our vision was the fact modular solutions have been around since the early 1900’s, yet there wasn’t one single instance of demonstrable success. In the words of one of my greatest friends: “Remember the very first step toward success is when everybody tells you it can’t be done” (Ed McNally, Founder Big Rock Brewery and recovering lawyer until the day he passed)!

These fiscal results are vivid testimony to the powerful truth of this statement and an absolute tribute to the team of people at DIRTT, their inspirational culture and the incredible support of our Regional Partners. And the best is yet to come! DIRTT is the brand, has the technology, product solutions, committed Partner distribution and a Team of people with unparalleled skills in the “Modular Construction” industry. Although the 2018 revenues and profitability are extremely impressive, it’s still a minuscule fraction of this hundred-billion-dollar opportunity. The people at DIRTT should be extremely proud of your achievements and even more excited for the opportunities ahead.

You are the world leader in “Modular Interior Construction” with absolutely no peers!




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