Coming Soon: FALKBUILT "Conventional Construction On Steroids"

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

For over one hundred years the manufacturing and construction world has pursued the “holy grail” for an alternative to conventional construction, through the use of manufactured offsite modules. Sears started selling kit homes in 1908. However, it wasn’t until recently with escalating labor costs, job site inefficiencies and now the Digital Construction movement that the market really started to pay attention to this Modular Solution to Conventional Construction. There are literally thousands of manufacturing and construction companies who are pursuing the vision for this enlightened but completely different approach to conventional construction. Although they are experiencing some success these off site modular solutions have only managed to penetrate a fraction of the available market. There are many excellent benefits to Modular Manufacturing and Construction but there are several reasons for their lack of universal adoption and success:

  1. Modular solutions and processes are different from conventional construction, an industry by its very nature is very resistant to any type of change or innovation. This is true for both the General Contractor community as well as the Architectural and Design professions. In fairness as Construction becomes more and more litigious, accompanied by lower and lower profit margins in comparison to the risk, it’s really no wonder these groups are reluctant to take a chance on something different. They’ve learned how to do business in a certain way, through their own system of best practices and are afraid to go away from their traditional processes.

  2. Quality and Reliability: Although there are many excellent modular solutions, there are also many that either haven’t been properly executed, vetted or engineered to survive the rigors of normal job site conditions; let alone long term durability. If truth be told, most of these modular offerings don’t have the proper infrastructure to support the entire process for pre construction services, project management and successful installation. Of course, this challenge is even greater when projects demand varying degrees of customization which are germane to every construction process.

  3. Cost: If the solution is reliable no one can deny the schedule benefits and the savings on waste removal of a well executed modular solution. However, the cost of higher grade materials compared to steel studs and dry wall, freight and installation costs often come at a premium to conventional construction. As well there are often additional charges for Architectural, Design and Engineering fees, especially if they’re not familiar with the modular process.

  4. Limited Market Opportunities: The very nature and perception of modular approaches has been, they are just not appropriate in all of the applications within this enormous industry.

  5. “Nobody likes a new idea, especially if it’s a good one!” The principals in Conventional Construction are afraid of any idea they feel compromises their control of the process. In spite of all the obvious benefits this is absolutely the single greatest explanation for “Modular Solutions” never having achieved even a fraction of the market opportunity!

Falkbuilt is a whole new idea, creating a response that alternative solutions cannot address:

A SOLUTION AND APPROACH THAT IS IDENTICAL TO THE CONVENTIONAL CONSTRUCTION PROCESS, BUT ELIMINATING THE WEAKNESSES: “DIGITAL COMPONENT CONSTRUCTION”! Falkbuilt will utilize and communicate with the same technological platform as the conventional construction, architectural and design professions, using industry standard design and engineering tools. We will deliver and construct in the identical manner to conventional construction, without the need for clean up and waste removal; at a labor rate well below installing steel studs and drywall (even before taping, sanding and finishing)!

Falkbuilt is developing a totally unique regional distribution system of Factory Direct Branches exclusively dedicated to the Falkbuilt brand. We will provide all the necessary services: pre construction, project management and on-site construction. There will also be a series of regional factories ensuring long term competitive freight costs, while allowing the business to scale without enormous capital expenditures. Through an innovative design and engineering process as well as strategic sourcing the Falkbuilt Solutions will be dramatically more competitive than any solutions of comparable quality. The design and engineering approach have resulted in factory sizes and capacities well beyond anything the construction world has seen. Most importantly, we have created a cost platform that is totally competitive with conventional construction; this will be the game changer!

There are three other important factors that will supercharge the Falkbuilt approach:

  1. Comprehensive Solution Offering: After being in the construction business my whole life, I’ve gained a lot of experience and with Falkbuilt we have identified a whole new opportunity to meet market demands, assuming Falkbuilt can respond with the right solutions for the right cost. These solutions include innovations for practical issues like acoustics, fire rating, work styles, space utilization, moisture resistance, design detailing and structural challenges. Again, Falkbuilt will deliver a breadth of responsive solutions only achievable through the conventional construction process. The result will be lower costs, much quicker construction, better quality, more refined design detailing and the most sustainable response the construction industry has ever seen. All of this is possible through an enlightened approach to our solution design and engineering, strategic sourcing and an extremely efficient manufacturing process.

  2. “Echo Reality”: During the initial stages of the Falkbuilt journey we will be using industry standard software and technology systems. However, these systems and everything else out there to date, have very serious drawbacks in capacity and performance when compared to our expectations. Now with the advent of cloud based computing and artificial intelligence the timing is perfect for a whole new idea. We have an incredible team of technological geniuses, under Barrie Loberg’s leadership, developing a powerful new technology that in 18 months, will not only revolutionize our industry but many more along with it!

  3. “Culture”: There is no greater priority at Falkbuilt than to build a strong culture supported by a team of people who truly believe in this whole new idea and the vision of the company. It won’t be easy as the vast majority of our team will come from outside the construction world. Furthermore, somehow all these folks will have to learn a whole new approach and be comfortable of our mantra where we continue to spurn conventional business management processes: “ We will challenge the living heck out of you but we will empower you!” If you need someone, who’s never done it themselves, telling you what to do then Falkbuilt isn’t the company for you; we’re building a company of leaders who are inspired by the challenge of providing absolutely the best client service. In the words of Steve Martin: “Be so good they can’t ignore you!” On that note we invite each and everyone to visit our facilities and “Meet the Falkers”!


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