A message to our friends and Partners at DIRTT

From: Mogens

Folks, once again this coming week DIRTT is hosting their annual event in Arizona. I wanted to offer some perspective and remind you what you’ve achieved to date and the incredible possibilities for the future of DIRTT. Furthermore please don’t forget that DIRTT was my idea (but I am just one of thousands who made it such a success) and I will always be proud of our achievements and supportive of the company’s well-being. Most importantly, events like this one in Arizona should be focused on the opportunity and the best ways to capitalize on it. First let’s do a quick review of DIRTT’s incredible achievements and the driving forces behind this success:

  1. Although modular construction has been around since at least 1914 (Sears Kit Homes), in fewer than 15 years DIRTT has built a business that is more than three times as large as any other Interior Modular Manufacturer in the world.

  2. In fact to date, DIRTT is the only Digital Interior Modular Manufacturer in the world.

  3. DIRTT is the established brand in the Modular Interior Construction Industry and has distinguished itself from all other moveable wall contenders in the marketplace.

  4. ICE is fully developed and the most powerful technology the industry has ever seen.

  5. The DIRTT solutions are fully developed and provide unparalleled flexibility and sustainability.

  6. With a few exceptions, DIRTT is represented by a loyal Partner network throughout North America that not only provides local credibility and relationships, but these partners have also invested heavily in their Green Learning Centers. By far their greatest expenditure has been building teams of people exclusively committed to DIRTT’s Modular Interior Construction program.

  7. Although there have been a few DIRTTbag departures over this past year, the company maintains the most experienced and capable team in Modular Interior Construction. This includes people in manufacturing facilities, DIRTTbag Reps, Techs, remote PMs, Designers and Regional Market Development folks who were instrumental in the success of the company.

  8. DIRTT has established thousands of standardized accounts and been especially successful in the Healthcare market. When properly positioned and the value proposition well communicated, DIRTT has no competitors in the Interior Modular Construction industry.

  9. The financial results of 2018, $355 million in revenue and almost $60 million EBITDA , are testimony to the incredible viability and achievements of the vision we established in 2004.

  10. All this was accomplished in spite of a perceived cost premium and the widespread objections of the general contractor, developer and often the Architectural and Design community that either refused to understand or felt threatened by this whole new idea of Digital Modular Construction!

Although these results are incredibly impressive, DIRTT has only scratched the surface of this $5 billion US annual market opportunity. Given the right decisions and approach, the future is even brighter for DIRTT and its Partners. The timing could not be more fortunate as Modular Construction, or at least some form of off-site fabrication, is gaining momentum. More significantly the construction industry is finally recognizing their only hope for success is through effective implementation of technology and off-site fabrication.

The last three years have seen technological investment in the construction industry rise from $352 million in 2016, to $6 billion in 2018, and $4 billion in the first six months of 2019. According to a survey by the Visual Capitalist, 70 percent of construction companies believe those that do not adopt digital tools will go out of business. Further, most believe digitization will improve productivity, speed of delivery and help meet sustainability challenges.

Well, at DIRTT we were “Country when Country wasn’t cool!” and recognized this over 13 years ago and implemented the ICE software program. On that note DIRTT will finally get recognition it deserves for a visionary approach to digitization and the value it brings to the modular process.

Here is what we would suggest as the main themes for the session; keeping in mind what made us successful in the first place.

  1. Focus on the benefits of modularity, especially since DIRTT has no peers! I’ve personally sold those benefits for over 40 years, starting with Modular Furniture and Systems, then moving on to Modular Construction from 1993 to September 10, 2018 (which sadly ended my career in modularity). Ignore the perceived cost premium (we all know, most of the time, it’s just not true) and sell the value proposition. Feature the benefits of sustainability, quality, speed, reliability along with Partners and DIRTTbag Reps providing local pre-construction, construction management, installation and on-going service being the foundation of the value proposition.

  2. Focus on the incredible value of ICE as the only end-to-end solution in construction today and its ability to deliver clarity, expedite the decision making process and ensure a seamless process. By the way, keep your focus on the end user or supportive Architects or Designers and don’t bother wasting your time with the general contractors or developers who only care about the perceived first cost.

  3. Especially focus on the DIRTT culture which is totally committed to superior client satisfaction: remember next to a divorce the most expensive thing is losing a customer!

  4. DIRTT’s commitment to innovation: this is clearly one of DIRTT’s most compelling promises—to develop solutions in lock step with market demands (for any and all market verticals) while completely respecting the DIRTT DNA thereby protecting the client’s investment.

I know most of you already know and understand all of this but sometimes we take our eye off the ball, especially in times like these. Don’t lose sight of the tremendous credibility DIRTT has established in the marketplace. Take advantage of these three days in Phoenix and celebrate your accomplishments but most importantly recommit to bringing DIRTT to the next level and doing what it takes to get there.

To all our friends at DIRTT and DIRTT Partners have a great session,




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